Peak Essentials The Original TUNG Brush® – Tongue Cleaner

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The Original TUNG Brush

Designed to outperform tooth brushes and scrapers

Greater coverage and superior comfort with no gagging

Penetrates tongue crevices not visible to the naked eye where odor causing bacteria hide

1 brush – Color varies

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  • Peak Essentials The Original TUNG Brush®
  • Designed to outperform tooth brushes and scrapers
  • Greater coverage and superior comfort with no gagging
  • Penetrates tongue crevices not visible to the naked eye where odor causing bacteria hide
  • 1 brush – Varied Colors

Clinical research shows that odor-causing bacteria on the tongue are the number one cause of bad breath. There’s no better tool to get rid of that nasty bacteria and “tongue gunk” than the TUNG brush. Designed to outperform tooth brushes and scrapers with greater coverage and superior comfort with no gagging. Unique bristle design penetrates tongue crevices not visible to the naked eye where odor-causing bacteria hide.

The original design for the TUNG Brush was developed under the guidance of Dr. Wieder, a Florida dentist.

Don’t forget the TUNG Gel!

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6 reviews for Peak Essentials The Original TUNG Brush® – Tongue Cleaner

  1. Chavon K

    I purchased the tongue brush on 8/18/2014 and i must say, I love it! In fact, I will buy several more so I do not run out, this will be one of my holy grail products.

    Here is my story:
    Like most kids I didn’t know how important it was to brush my tongue, I figured, if I keep my teeth clean and white my mom will be happy! Then came that one day at summer camp when I was 9 and one of the kids at my summer camp named me “Dragon Breath”. Pretty soon everyone at camp called me by that name. So, I told my mom and as moms always do she told me to brush my tongue more and use my mouth wash more often. I followed her instructions and I was able to keep the bad breath away for about five years.

    Until the age of 14, when someone on my class said, “WOW,” “Your breath is Kicking”! I was so embarrassed especially since it was a boy that said this. At this time I realized that I had what I call “White Tongue”, which was a layer of white film (bacteria) on my tongue which caused my bad breath. After I figured out what was causing my bad breath I was determined to never have bad breath again. Moving forward I always had two tooth brushes, one for my teeth and one for my tongue and I would spend at least an extra 10 minutes to clean my tongue twice a day just to get rid of the bacteria, this became apart of my daily routine. I would even pour peroxide on my tongue once a week to help break up the whit film and make it easier to brush the bacteria off my tongue.

    Now that you know my struggle with bad breath you can see why I love this product. Now that I found the “TungBrush” I can forget my gum and make sure I have a TungBrush on hand (at work, in my purse, in the car, etc.) at all times, along with my favorite tooth paste. I highly recommend this product for people with bad breath. I wish I would have found this product when I was in my teens!


    Fresh Breath Woman

  2. Elaine H.

    I can’t live without my TUNG brush!
    My only regret is that I didn’t order the TUNG gel as well.
    Everyone I love is getting brushes and gel in their
    Christmas stockings this year!

  3. Katie McDaniel

    I have been fighting brown tongue for a year. Then I had to go on a strong antibiotic and apparently it worsened my brown tongue! I researched by condition and ran across this Tung product. Reasonable price so what the heck! Wiped out the brown on my tongue in a week! Love it!

  4. Curtis

    Finally a product that lives up to it’s hype. Great design, durable and easy to use.

  5. Jordan

    Was skeptical but tried it. I’m actually impressed.

  6. Mark

    I heard about Tung brush through the Security Now pod cast with Steve Gibson. Before I had the Tung brush I brushed my tongue every night with my toothbrush after brushing my teeth. Every night when I did this I trigged my gag reflex and it was always an uncomfortable experience. Now I will tell you the reason the Tung brush is better than an ordinary toothbrush.

    1. Tung brush is a lower profile – Typical toothbrush heads are quite tall so they’re more likely to touch the top/back of your throat while brushing your tongue. This is the reason my gag reflex was triggered every single night/morning while brushing my tongue. I’ve been using the Tung brush for about two weeks now and I’ve only gagged twice when I reached back too far.

    2. Tung brush has a large surface area – The surface area of the Tung brush actually seems to serve multiple purposes. The first is that it is able to cover a large portion of the tongue allowing more efficient brushing. The second purpose is also a combination with the gaps between the bristles. These gaps allow the Tung brush to accumulate the plaque that has been brushed away from the tongue. This is something that actually allows for more efficient brushing as it means more can be removed and washed away quicker.

    3. The gel – I don’t know what is in this gel (zinc perhaps?) but it cleans better than typical toothpaste. When I would brush my tongue with my toothbrush in the past I would have the same plaque build up the next time I would brush. This means that every morning and every evening I would have the same amount of plaque. Since I started using the Tung brush I have had significantly less plaque growth during the rest of the day/night. I’m not entirely sure of the reason, but I believe it has something to do with the gel. It’s also pretty tasty.

    All in all I am actually impressed with the ingenuity of the design of this brush. I originally got it just so I didn’t risk my toothbrush contaminating my gums with bacteria from my tongue and expected nothing extra. This brush has far surpassed my expectations.

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