National Heimlich Maneuver Day

Here at TUNG, we believe in celebrating the truly important holidays…

Dr. Henry J. Heimlich - ABC 9 Cincinnati

Dr. Heimlich finally used his famous technique at age 96 (Image: ABC 9 Cincinatti)

Which is why on this brightest of red-letter days, TUNG is proud to present one of our greatest American heroes:  Dr. Henry J Heimlich!

Finding the Right Tool

More than 40 years ago, after learning that nearly 4,000 Americans die each year from choking on food or small objects, Dr. Heimlich researched ways to use air already trapped in a person’s lungs to expel objects from their airways.

Always dedicated to finding simple, elegant solutions, he developed the perfect life saving tool – The Heimlich Maneuver – for which we honor him today. The very maneuver the 96-year old doctor used just a short time ago to save a choking woman at the Senior Living Center where he now resides. Check out the full story here.

In honor of National Heimlich Maneuver Day, we have a video of our own to show you one of the great dangers of not investing in the right tool for the job:

Oooh.  Scary stuff.

Just as Dr. Heimlich made it possible for that young man to save his friend, you can be a hero to your friends and family by telling them the great tool you’ve discovered to freshen your breath and build your confidence – The TUNG Brush!

So join us on this American day of celebration — National Heimlich Maneuver Day — by by saving the life – and breath – of the special someones in your life with your personal recommendation of the TUNG Brush.

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