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TUNG Brush & Gel Starter Pack

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  • 1 TUNG Brush
  • 1 3 oz. tube of TUNG Gel
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Customers talk about the Original TUNG Brush & Gel®

  • Qareena (Amazon Customer)

    Qareena (Amazon Customer)Best addition to my morning and night oral health routine! My bf used to joke about my morning breath so I became self concious about my oral hygiene…. Once I started incorporating the TUNG brush and gel, I noticed a HUGE improvement in the appearance of my tongue.

  • Mr. S (Amazon Customer)

    Mr. S (Amazon Customer)Oh my god it took 10 seconds to get my tongue pink!… This is officially my new tongue brush and part of my new routine…. My breath smells good my mouth feels fresh and my tongue is pink.

  • Liz B. (Amazon Customer)

    Liz B. (Amazon Customer)Finally! A Clean Pink Tongue! … I’ve tried several different tongue scrapers and while they removed any funky smells and made my tongue feel cleaner, they never removed the discoloration…. The TUNG brush has fixed all of that and I’m thrilled!

  • Ian Bohen (Star of MTV's Teen Wolf)

    Ian Bohen (Star of MTV’s Teen Wolf)If you ever kiss anyone EVER! You must use this every day. @tungbrush #StinkyBreathMeansNoKisses via Instagram

  • Jill Wagner (Host of 'Wipeout' and 'Handcrafted America')

    Jill Wagner (Host of ‘Wipeout’ and ‘Handcrafted America’)@tungbrush I love you via Instagram

90% of bad breath comes from the tongue

Biofilms: The latest in Dental Research regarding bacteria on the tongue.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Professional researchers have gained a new understanding of bacterial behavior in the mouth and it revolves around Biofilms. These are colonies of tenacious, three dimensional masses of bacteria that are the major contributors to bad breath and periodontal disease located in the nooks and crannies of the tongue.[/text_block]