Reduce gagging!

The TUNG Brush is wider and has a lower profile for cleaning your tongue!

Most people are afraid of having a gag reflex. Interestingly enough, it is a good thing! It is the body protecting itself against choking, even though it may feel uncomfortable to the one who has it.

Also known as the pharyngeal reflex and a laryngeal spasm, the gag reflex is a contraction of the back of the throat. It can be caused by touching the soft palate/ roof of the mouth, the back of the tongue, the area around the tonsils or the back of the throat. The normal function of this reflex is to prevent something from entering the throat except as a part of normal swallowing and to help prevent choking.

Reduce gagging!

“TUNG Brush bristles are shorter than those on a regular toothbrush!”

Some people have learned to control the gag reflex, such as sword swallowers who can train themselves to suppress the reflex, or those with such eating disorders as bulimia who can bring on the reflex.

According to one study, one in three people lack a gag reflex all together! And some people have a very sensitive gag reflex which can prevent them from going to the dentist or swallowing a pill. Often, this kind of sensitivity can be due to some previous event, and there are ways to “desensitize” the situation including relaxation and training the tongue and soft palate to allow touch.

Because of the fear of gagging, some people are worried about taking care of their tongues as part of their normal oral hygiene routines. Some traditional tongue scrapers may contribute to that fear. However, The Original TUNG Brush and Gel are specially designed to minimize the gag reflex! The Original TUNG Brush was specifically designed by a dentist for the anatomy of the tongue, the short, firm bristles effectively and comfortably work through the sticky tongue plaque that forms over the irregular surface of the tongue penetrating the crevices and removing bacteria.

The low profile and large head design allows for comfortable, quick and efficient cleansing on the back portion of the tongue.  No tool can claim that no gagging will occur, however the TUNG design greatly minimizes that reaction.  In fact, regular use of The Original TUNG Brush will train your reflexes to become minimal over time; that is if you have any to begin with using this product.

So, the next time you worry that you have a gag reflex, remember that it is healthy and that it should not prevent you from trying and using The Original TUNG Brush and Gel on a regular basis! You will be pleasantly surprised at the results!