In a classic “David & Goliath” struggle, Peak Enterprises, Inc. was recently presented the prestigious Ted Klein “Tube of the Year” over major competitors in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

Sarasota, FL April 17, 2014 — Tom Oechslin’s company isn’t one of North America’s giants in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, but recently he felt like it.  At the recent Tube Council 2014 Annual Conference, his company was recognized with the tube packaging industry’s highest honor, the Ted Klein “Tube of the Year.”  Each year, the North American Tube Council (NATC) recognizes one company for innovative design and manufacturing excellence. Sarasota, Florida-based Peak Essentials received the award for the Japanese version of its halitosis-fighting product, The Original TUNG Gel.  The tube also separately received the number one spot for Best Dentifrice Package.

“The recognition of being voted the Overall Best Tube in North America by highly respected CPG experts in our industry is truly an honor for us,” noted Oechslin, President of Peak Enterprises, Inc.  “These are the leaders in our industry who we look up to and also compete with.  Judges for the competition included packaging experts from Johnson & Johnson, Colgate, and Avon, as well as the Tube Council itself.”

“When you don’t have the marketing budget of the giants, it’s imperative as a niche CPG brand that you utilize every resource and creative idea at your disposal to sell product.  We realized that we had the perfect billboard in our tube and set out to create an innovative tube design that will jump off the shelf,” says Oechslin.

And according to Oechslin, it has worked very successfully.

“Consumers are responding in a big way.  Nielsen statistics continue to show that the #1 sales driver for Consumer Products is package design/impact, and our dramatic sales growth from our new TUNG package proves it.  This is the 4th packaging award TUNG has received for its innovative and impactful design and product,” he says.

The Original TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel are indeed the Original when it comes to tongue cleaners. The company’s flagship products were the first tongue brush and gel to hit the shelves in 2001.  Made in America, The Original TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel were designed to be the premier brand for effectively cleansing the tongue and preventing halitosis.  Research shows that 90% of bad breath comes from bacteria on the tongue.  Besides causing bad breath, this bacteria has also been identified as being the precursor to gum disease, which is prevalent in the US and has been linked to serious health ramifications such as cancer, heart disease, and early births.

“When it came to design, the secret was finding a company who could deliver our vision.  A divine discovery of VIVA Healthcare Packaging during a NYC packaging show was all it took.  Their cutting edge abilities and careful attention to detail turned a concept into reality,” says Oechslin.

TUNG products are available in the United States, Europe, Japan, and other countries.  In the US, TUNG can be found at major retailers throughout the country including Rite Aid, Harmon/Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as a host of online sites such as and