It might be healthier for you if that happened than if you don’t take care of your own tongue at all!  We all know that bacteria that build in the mouth and on the tongue cause bad breath.  Maybe mouthwash covers the symptoms, but it may not cure the cause.  But did you know that if you don’t take proper care of cleaning your tongue the bacteria can cause even more serious problems? The bacteria that develop on the tongue multiply on its surface and are spread through the saliva to everywhere in the mouth including the gums and teeth!  So, in addition to bad breath, untreated bacteria are a major contributor to periodontal disease, which is the disease of the gums, receding gums, tooth decay and even tooth loss!

But wait- there’s more!

The problems don’t end in the mouth!  Studies have shown that untreated oral bacteria may contribute to the development of many major, even potentially fatal, health problems in the rest of the body, including cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or stroke, pneumonia due to inhaling bacteria present in the mouth, premature birth and low birth weight, increased risk of diabetes, osteoporosis of the jaw and elsewhere and even infertility problems for men!

Why the TUNG Brush?

The TUNG Brush was uniquely designed by a dentist to scrub the surface of the tongue rather than scrape the bacteria from one area to another.  It is also designed to be more prone to cover all areas of the tongue than just any toothbrush and to minimize the gag reflex associated with small scrapers or other brushes.  Regular use of the TUNG Brush will not only work on the root cause of bad breath but will also eliminate the bacteria that can lead to major health problems.  It’s not all about fresh breath.  Stay tuned for more TUNG Brush information as well as for some anecdotes and historical facts about tongues!  With today’s increasing cost of healthcare, this could be a vital step you cannot afford to miss in your oral care program.