“How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”

Engineering students at Purdue University and the University of Michigan used licking machines to get to the bottom of this eternal question. Purdue’s machine averaged 364 licks while Michigan averaged 411. However, these robotic tongues may have been inefficient. Hungry humans took just 252 licks in other Tootsie tests!

While it is touted to be the strongest muscle in the human body, that is not quite true. Actually, the jaw muscle is stronger, primarily due to its leverage  And the heart is the strongest in terms of endurance.

However, the tongue IS the only muscle in the body that is connected at just one end!  So it is unique in its power. Also, the tongue is able to move in every direction, expand, compress and display at fine degrees. This kind of muscular control is unique, and allows us to manipulate our food and to speak.

85% of us can “curl our tongues”, and every child has challenged friends to prove their ability to do so. It has even become a source of pride, power and a strange sense of superiority if you can curl and your best friend can’t! And the next time you doubt the strength and sensitivity of your tongue, just picture Ralphie’s tongue being stuck to that cold pole in “A Christmas Story!”

On a more serious note, the strength of the tongue is a gauge that can be used in determining causes for certain speech impediments, and strengthening exercises are often used in speech therapy.

We will have more soon about the amazing tongue, but remember that its care is critical to your overall health as well as to its strength and function. Using The Original TUNG Brush and Gel regularly as part of your oral health routine will help improve and then maintain this strong and vital muscle!