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Are You a Supertaster?

Are You a Supertaster?

Did you ever wonder why some people can handle super spicy foods and others consume gallons of water if there is any pepper on their food? (Pro tip: milk works better!) Well, although sometimes it is a matter of sheer preference, other times it is a matter of how things taste to us based on biology. Taste […]

Why Not Try Cooking Beef Tongue?

Cooking with Tongue!

We would like to take a little diversion today when it comes to tongues. We love to talk about how to clean your tongue, how to brush your tongue, and even a few fun topics about tongues, i.e. tongue twisters, rockin’ tongues, etc. But have you ever considered eating tongue? Hey, before you walk away […]

Brain Freeze and Your Tongue

Your Tongue and Brain Freeze

We’ve all experienced it—you’re enjoying your favorite bowl of ice cream, when suddenly, it strikes! What is IT? It’s BRAIN FREEZE or an ice cream headache. There’s nothing like excruciating pain to ruin your delectable dessert! The medical term for this phenemenon is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia—wow, that’s long! So, what exactly causes the excruciating pain in your forehead […]

Tongue Piercing

Contemporary Fashion or Risky Fad?

Tongue jewelry is no longer limited to the typical barbell styles we saw when the trend first appeared on the fashion scene. Today’s tongue rings glow-in-the-dark, blink, vibrate, have crystals, feature unique shapes and even display logos. If that decision isn’t enough, these rings can be formed from surgical steel, anodized steel, acrylic and even […]

Plaque: Attack of the Biofilm!

Professional researchers have gained a new understanding of bacterial behavior in the mouth and it revolves around Biofilms. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Well, it can be if you don’t know what to do about them! Plaque is type of biofilm. Biofilms are colonies of tenacious, three dimensional masses of bacteria that are the major causes […]