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Bad Breath Around the World

Bad Breath Around the World!

Bad breath –mauvaise haleine (French) – mal aliento (Spanish) –  zły oddech (Polish) – alito cattivo (Italian) – κακή αναπνοή (Greek) – mundgeruch (German) – 口臭 (Japanese) – these are just a few examples of what this universal problem is called by our fellow worldwide sufferers. As the saying goes, a rose by any other […]

Symptoms of Gum Disease

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is believed that one of every two Americans over age 30 have periodontal disease. Yikes! (It gets worse with age: 70% of Americans over 65 are believed to have the disease). What is Periodontal Disease? The American Academy of Periodontology defines periodontal disease—commonly called gum disease—as a […]

Ancient Wisdom and Your Tongue: Full Size

Ancient Wisdom and a Clean Mouth

“The Power of Life and Death are in the Tongue” —King Solomon Although this ancient wisdom has always been considered to refer to the words a tongue speaks, might there be another application? Recent studies have identified links between poor oral health and systemic disorders, including cardiovascular and lymphatic disease. How can this be? It has […]