“Mask Mouth”  The Worst Thing Ever!!

With every societal change in behavior, new problems can arise.  During the current pandemic we have all been encouraged and sometimes mandated to wear a mask.  Now at first glance this seems like a great way to protect each other from the Covid virus.  To some degree, this precaution has been proven true but the mask can also be an enemy to good oral hygiene and thus overall health. 

Here’s the problem:  More and more people are complaining to their doctors and dentists about foul smelling breath.  Most of them note that this condition has never been an issue for them in the past.  Now dentists have the answer.  They call it “Mask Mouth.”

What is “Mask Mouth?”

With the world wearing masks during this pandemic, the problems of oral hygiene are becoming all too obvious.  People are complaining about bad breath when wearing their masks and after they remove them.  Dentists have discovered that bacteria are thriving in this moist damp environment and capitalizing off the negative aspects of heavy mouth breathing resulting in dry mouth.  

Solutions for “Mask Mouth” bad breath?

The main recommendation is to remove the abundance of bacteria that is accumulating in your mouth.  Actually, mechanically remove it.  This includes brushing your teeth, using dental floss and VERY IMPORTANTLY  brushing your tongue! Much of the bacteria is residing on the back of your tongue and can only be removed with a product intentionally designed to do so.   The Original TUNG Brush is designed specifically to reach the back of the tongue and with firm bristles remove the bacteria that is hiding in the nooks and crannies and is releasing sulfur gases that cause bad breath.

The experts in the oral hygiene field are now, more than ever recommending brushing your tongue as a way to fight the horrible problem of bad breath.  But don’t use a toothbrush; this technique transfers bacteria to your teeth and gums.  Use a brush specifically designed for the tongue.  Use the Original TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel for complete oral care.

Fight back! Be Healthy! Stay Well!