Can Bad Breath Leave a Negative First Impression?

YES! How does a person remember you? As a really smart person? A funny person? Or the dreaded person with bad breath? The one that most people will stand about 5 feet from when speaking to you? Let’s look at some hard facts (in case you’re not convinced).

1. It takes about 3 seconds to make a first impression.

2. Smiling can make a person feel at ease. Your mouth is important!

3. Bad breath can communicate nervousness which works against projecting confidence.

4. Small talk can be an interesting way to open up the bigger conversation.

Good questions to find out some quick things about a person you’ve just met can put them at ease. If this small talk becomes a negative thing because bad breath knocks them over in their chair, on the floor, in agony and screaming in horror, let’s just say the rest of the conversation will be a catastrophe!

Some thoughts on the impact of making a good impression

Well on the worst result is that your career can suffer which affects your happiness in life. You may end up settling for a job you don’t like.

The best result is that you may get the job you like in spite of your bad breath but you’ll have trouble making friends at work because you’re known as that person that has bad breath. Yucksville! Since we spend 70% of our lives at work then our work life can affect our personal life which in turn affects our sense of self worth. You need to be a part of a healthy community to thrive. If the only community excited to engage is with you on social media there can be negative side effects including an increase in depression.

To sum up why first impressions are important, let’s just say they could affect choices that you make for the rest of your lives. Other people will make our choices for you because they will react to your shortcomings instead of your gifts. Bad breath is off putting and offensive. You may have the best personality but people will avoid you because you smell bad. Kind of like body odor. No one wants to be around that!

So for goodness sakes take control of your life and enjoy the company of great people at a job you love! As we’ve stated before we, here at TUNG Brush, care about you because …… “Loneliness Stinks!” We are here to eradicate loneliness one step at a time! Fresh breath can have a bigger impact than you imagine on your success at work and in life. Start brushing your tongue today!