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Keys to Sustainable Change

The Keys to Sustainable Change

Nice title, but what do we mean by it? First, we have to look at what sustainable change means: Sustainable: adjective-able to be maintained or kept going, as an action or process Change:  noun-the substitution of one thing or another, a transformation or modification or verb-to become different, altered or modified; to become different That means that while most of us want to make some kind of […]

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Your Mindset Makes all the Difference!

I WON’T…I MIGHT  I CAN’T…I COULD  I’VE NEVER….MAYBE I CAN Did you ever find yourself having these mental conversations with yourself? These are just a few examples of the kind of mindset you might have about events, chances, relationships or challenges you may face during your lifetime, and how you perceive and approach these challenges […]