First, what is the main cause of bad breath?

What a funny creation, the tongue. Taste buds create lots of hiding places on the surface of this “so ugly it’s cute” organ. The good and the bad of it is that these nooks and crannies that serve to enhance the flavor of food and initiate the digestive process are also a playground for hide and seek. In fact when you look at it through a microscope it looks like the moon’s surface with canyons.

Some bacteria on the tongue are beneficial. Unfortunately, others cause social and health problems for the owner. Yes, that’s what we’ll call you, “the owner” of a tongue. It’s those bad bacteria that emit sulfur gases that literally cause what our senses would recognize as bad breath. But we declare we want to get rid of bad breath and “Make Breath Great Again!” (No political pun intended!) Once and for all we declare bad breath is bad and fresh breath is good!

The reason tongue scrapers and your toothbrush don’t work

We must mechanically remove the smelly bacteria and get rid of the nasty bacteria so the “so ugly it’s cute” organ can breathe easy again!

Let’s use the example of sticky peanut butter (like sticky tongue bacteria) spread out on a piece of sandpaper (the tongue). What will scraping do to the peanut butter? It only gets the scum above the nooks and crannies without accessing the hiding places where the bad stuff lives. Your toothbrush? Nope. Will just smear it around, fail to penetrate these secret coves, cause you to gag and most importantly, seed that nasty bacteria into your gums!

So how do we fix bad breath you ask?

If you’re making a peanut butter sandwich then great. But if you want the peanut butter removed then you need to use a scrub brush on it! A brush that can get down into those hard to reach pockets to remove the bacteria (the peanut butter). A brush with firm bristles and wide head whose whole purpose in life is to effectively attack the recesses of the tongue surface; and to do it comfortably and with class so when rinsed, is easily cleaned. Result? No bacteria sandwich! Well… you know what I mean.

What’s the take home message? The TUNG Brush works and toothbrushes and tongue scrapers don’t. Simple! Fix Bad Breath The Right Way!

Here’s what some Tung Brush users have to say about their breath!

Mandy B.L., Amazon Customer
I think bad breath is caused by something different in everyone. My husband’s breath never smells and he does not bother with half the stuff I do. I have always had good dental hygiene habits, flossed daily, brushed at least twice a day, used a tongue scraper, used every therabreath product ever made, but even after a daily thorough regime (which was ridiculously expensive), i was still not confident in my breath even right after brushing. Read more on Amazon

Irene, Amazon Customer
This brush works great! I’m embarrassed to say that my tongue was caked with gunk and at one point looked brown. It was disgusting. Anyway, once the brush and tung paste arrived, I immediately scrubbed my tongue. I almost cried when I saw pink again haha. I had been skeptical because my regular toothbrush didn’t clean my tongue very well, so why would another brush be any better?
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