Have you ever had any of these happen to you?

  • your friends turn away when you talk to them
  • your significant other doesn’t want that goodnight kiss, and
  • your dog runs away from you

Did you ever think it may be your breath?

Did you know that no matter what you do — cup your hands, cross your eyes or blow — you can’t smell your own breath?!

Research is clear – 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria growing on your tongue. That means brushing your teeth and flossing alone won’t cure bad breath.

So, if you really don’t want to suck on mints all day (which just covers your stinky breath anyway), drink mouthwash (ummmm don’t… just don’t), or devour toothpaste (ugh!!! you hopefully wouldn’t try that anyway), the best way to eliminate a whole lot of that bad-smelling bacteria is by cleaning your tongue.

But when you clean your tongue — especially back in the back where the worst-smelling bacteria tend to hang out and thrive — it can be hard to avoid gagging. That’s why we’re here with 7 simple steps for how to clean your tongue without gagging.

First: Choose Your Tongue Cleaner

OK… so I need to brush my tongue. I can just use my toothbrush, right?

Sure… if you want to gag!

Why TUNG is Better Than Your Toothbrush

Unlike toothbrushes, the TUNG Brush is wide and short. This allows you to clean all the way at the back of your tongue (where the worst-smelling gunk lives) in fewer swipes.

Clean Your Tongue without Gagging: TUNG Brush

Why TUNG is Better Than a Tongue Scraper

Sure… there are lots of other tongue cleaners out there. Just remember: scrapers are for windshields.

If you’ve ever used a tongue scraper, then you know that it does remove stuff from your tongue. But imagine trying to scrape peanut butter off of sandpaper with a butter knife. You know that you’re just smoothing out the stuff in the cracks, right? That’s how scrapers leave your tongue.

If you’re considering using a scraper instead of a brush specifically designed for your tongue… consider this:

In a study by Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, 92% of people preferred the TUNG Brush over scrapers & toothbrushes when cleaning their tongues.

Plus: tongue scrapers can hurt!

Now that you have the right tool for the job… here’s how to brush your tongue without gagging.

7 Steps to Avoid Gagging When You Clean Your Tongue

“But,” you say, “I gag when I even brush my teeth!”

You can avoid the gag reflex by following some simple steps.

  1. First, rinse your TUNG Brush with some warm water – that will soften the bristles
  2. Place some TUNG Gel on the brush.
  3. Start by brushing the front of your tongue to get used to the feel and texture of the brush and gel.  So far, no gagging, right?  Awesome.
  4. Now, take a deep breath, and
  5. Hold your breath
  6. Move the brush to the back of your tongue for some quick swipes. Go easy the first few times you clean that far back. Don’t worry… you’ll get better at it!
  7. Then—and here’s the fun part—you have permission to hock a loogie and spit!  How often does that happen?

Within no time at all, you will get used to the brush and the sensation of cleaning the back of your tongue and you won’t gag!

Go ahead, practice.  And then when you are all done, go ahead and talk to your friends,  kiss your partner goodnight and pat your dog.  No more running away, right? Now, aren’t you glad you used the TUNG Brush and Gel?

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How to Clean Your Tongue without Gagging
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