Summer is here, and so is the outdoor barbecue. There is pretty much nothing that goes with a really good, fresh–off-the-grill burger than onion rings.

OK, maybe some fries too, but today isn’t National French Fries Day, it is National Onion Rings Day!

Problem is, we all know that onions have a bad reputation. Their odor can stain your fingers, and who hasn’t shed a tear or two cutting them up before putting them in the fryer?

National Onion Rings Day: Bad Breath?Onions and Bad Breath

And, at the top of the anti-onion campaign is the legendary halitosis they cause.  The bad breath from eating onions can be so bad that many people avoid them altogether. But do you really have to?

The answer is – a resounding NO!

Aside from tasting great, onions are good for you!

You may fear The Smelly Onion:

Onions—and their bulbous relatives garlic, shallots, leeks and scallions—can leave your mouth with a pretty nasty smell.

All of these bulbs are part of the same botanical genus, called Allium (Latin for “garlic”).

Each of these plants contains varying amounts of the same sulfur-based odor compound. This compound is particularly sticky and adheres easily to the tissues in your mouth including, and especially, your tongue.  So the tiniest pinch of garlic or the smallest strand of onion can leave you with breath even your mother would not want to smell!

BUT THEN you should embrace The Good Onion:

  • According to a recent article at The BlushMed Blog, foods that are high in sulfur are especially good for the skin. Dr. Arleen Lamba recommended that folks with mild to moderate acne try eating garlic, onions, asparagus and eggs.
  • Dr. Leo Galland, writing for the Huffington Post, noted that onions contain high levels of antioxidants, which can help the body eliminate toxins and free radicals.
  • Onions are loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals, not to mention dietary fiber.
  • Onions are delicious! They’re a key ingredient in a lot of ethnic foods and without them a lot of classic dishes would taste bland and boring.

So, go ahead, enjoy those onion rings!  Celebrate their day with glee!  Then, be sure to eliminate the odors these tasty and beneficial bulbs leave on your tongue with regular use of the world’s best tongue cleaner.