On the First Day of Christmas, my true love said to me – “Your breath is bad so a kiss you’ll never see!”

Uh Oh!– What can I do to freshen my breath without chemicals so I can get that Christmas kiss?

Here are twelve natural and easy ideas for fresher breath and a cleaner mouth:

     1. Change your toothbrush every two to three months to keep its bristles fresh and to avoid the buildup of bacteria. Be sure to brush after every meal, too!

  1. Make sure you schedule visits with your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning – ok, maybe that doesn’t count for natural or easy, but it is important anyway!
  1. Eat yogurt – the natural active cultures in yogurt help fight bacteria that can cause bad breath.
  1. Make your own mouthwash! Since alcohol –free mouthwashes are important to use, why not make your own? Mix a cup of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda to adjust the pH level in your mouth – add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil for flavor and freshness and swish away (do not swallow).
  1. Did you ever notice that when you go out to eat and there is onion on your plate there is also fresh parsley? It’s not just for decoration! Chew on the parsley – it is a natural odor-fighter! No calories, either!
  1. Chew on some anise seed or fennel seed – their antiseptic properties fight bacteria. Speaking of seeds, did you ever come out of the dentist’s office with the smell of clove on your breath? Cloves have the same antiseptic properties, so feel free to chew on a bit of clove too for that fresher feel.
  1. An apple a day keeps the bad breath away! Well, maybe not completely, but we all know that apples contain really great properties to reduce cholesterol (lecithin)…did you know that the pectin in apples also fights odor and promotes salivation? Raw apples only, though.
  1. Cinnamon – it’s not just for pumpkin pie or hot chocolate! Cinnamon contains wonderful anti-microbial properties, so go ahead and suck on a cinnamon stick while you’re cooking .
  1. We already talked about parsley, but mint and basil have the same content of chlorophyll that helps fight bacteria, so if sweeter is your preference, chew on sprigs of those fresh herbs to help your breath.
  1. OK, so you are tired of herbs and seeds – you aren’t a squirrel you tell us—you can also chew on the rind of fresh lemon or orange for freshness, and the citrus stimulates your salivary glands too.
  1. WATER! Remember how we have talked about keeping your mouth moist? Well, the best overall natural (and free) way to keep your mouth moist and fight bacteria is by drinking water – and in the morning, just swish some water around in your mouth to help wash away morning breath, too.
  1. Finally, remember to incorporate the daily easy use of TUNG Brush and Gel into your oral hygiene routine – a clean tongue is a great way to fight bad breath.

Then, pucker up for that Christmas kiss!