There is nothing like an invitation to a holiday party where you won’t know everyone to make you feel more like a middle school nerd than an adult. Your hands start to sweat, you don’t know what to wear or say, you are worried about what people will think of you and you even think you may just skip it altogether. That is, if you are like most people. There are those among us who can take on any unknown scenario by storm and with complete confidence.

But, if you are like the majority of us, walking into a room full of strangers is tantamount to having your teeth pulled without anesthesia, yet this time, the end result, if you approach it with the right attitude, you might just really HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Hopefully, you noticed the key word in the last sentence – ATTITUDE! Here are some simple tips to think about to keep a good attitude and subsequently build your confidence:

  • Practice talking to strangers – go shopping, say hi to the doorman, engage in conversation with the postman or your neighbors. The more you speak with people before the party, the easier it will be to talk when you are there.
  • Don’t be the last to arrive – if you are, the conversations and groupings of partygoers will already be in place and it will be more challenging to “break in”.
  • Think about how you would behave if you were the host(ess) and try to approach a number of people with that sense of courtesy and grace.
  • Be prepared in terms of your wardrobe – find out what the dress code is so you are comfortable in your outfit. Nothing would feel worse than wearing a cocktail dress or suit to a party where everyone else is in jeans or vice versa!
  • Be aware of your body language!
    • Remember those days when your mom yelled at you to “stand up straight”? She knew what she was talking about. If you slouch, you will project an air of insecurity.
    • Shake hands firmly. Nothing is worse than a limp handshake to tell someone you are not confident in yourself.
    • Make eye contact. How would you like it if you were talking to someone and he/she were be looking at the wine bar or the wall?
    • Be aware of your breathing – short breaths indicate nervousness.
    • SMILE (don’t forget that a fresh mouth will make your smiles feel better, so brushing your teeth and using your TUNG Brush and Gel before you go out will not only make your smile prettier but will also make you taste all that wonderful holiday food better!)

Remember, you are not the only person there who doesn’t know everyone (in fact, even the host probably doesn’t know everyone) so just be festive, remember the joy of the season, the spirit of the holidays,  and most importantly—HAVE FUN!!!!!