Your mom or dad has bad breath – are you doomed? You shrink away from grandma’s hugs – will your grandchildren shun you one day? Probably not. There are ongoing debates about the cause of bad breath, but the bottom line appears to be that most bad breath was not the gift that keeps on giving from your ancestors.

As we have detailed before, poor oral hygiene, smoking, certain medications, diet and lack of hydration are the primary causes of what we call bad breath. Certainly if your mother cooked with onions all the time, then you were prone to bad breath – but this isn’t hereditary, is it? Just dietary!

However, there are causes of bad breath which might be linked to your DNA. For example, diabetes is one of the possible causes of bad breath, as is chronic sinusitis. Each of these conditions can certainly be inherited.

Also, a recent study performed by researchers at the University of Montreal cited that a certain, rare, genetic thyroid imbalance could produce babies with bad breath.

And if bad breath is related to a missing enzyme which leaves you susceptible to bacterial problems, a deviated septum or small jaw that causes tooth impaction then you might be able to blame your heredity.

Therefore, while it appears that there can be some genetic links to that nasty taste in your mouth that indicates bad breath, the odds are that this condition is all yours and not something your parents gave you along with your eye color, hair color and sparkling personality traits.

So instead of blaming mom and dad, beef up your oral hygiene routine, use your TUNG Brush and Gel daily to keep your tongue free of bad breath-producing bacteria, keep drinking water, and know that your children and grandchildren will thank you for your efforts!