Got milk? Water? ANYTHING to get my tongue from burning up? Sometimes, an overly dry or irritated tongue can become so sensitive that you would swear it is on fire.

This condition is real, and is called Burning Tongue Syndrome and as we age it tends to occur more often. And, good news ladies, there appears to be a hormonal side to this condition causing it to be more frequently seen in women than men.  And, diabetics tend to have burning tongues more frequently as well.

So, what do you do?

  • Watch what you drink! -Reduce your intake of acidic beverages that can exacerbate the sensation of a burning tongue – this includes coffee, citrus juice, or tomato juice.
  • WATER, WATER,  WATER! Drink at least eight glasses a day – we have told you before how critical moisture is to your oral health altogether, but it is even MORE important to help Burning Tongue Syndrome.
  • Don’t smoke! – Seems obvious for your overall health, but smoking dries out the tongue even more and increases its sensitivity.
  • Watch what you use for your oral hygiene routine! –Once again, we remind you that toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulfate and mouthwashes containing alcohol will dry out your mouth and tongue at a faster rate than products without those ingredients.
  • Take vitamin C! – There has been a link proven between a vitamin C deficiency and Burning Tongue Syndrome.
  • See your doctor! – Your doctor can check you for thyroid problems and/or diabetes, each of which can contribute to Burning Tongue Syndrome.

 As always, don’t forget all of the other tips and pointers we provide regarding oral hygiene and healthy nutrition. And remember to use your  TUNG Brush and Gel regularly – it contains none of the ingredients that will have you screaming for the extinguisher to put the fire out on your tongue!