Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a cure for those bad breath bacteria so you would never have to worry about a stinky mouth ever again? Sadly, there is no cure for bad breath, just ways to put it in remission. The bacteria that cause bad breath are always there and are an important part of how you digest your food and drink. You can’t kill them nor should you, just keep them in balance so your breath won’t reflect their presence!

Since the bacteria that cause bad breath are always present, the only way to fight them is to remember some of the things that work with your body to increase the odds of halitosis:

  • Dry mouth- Keep your mouth hydrated! Water is SO critical to every aspect of your health, including keeping your mouth from drying out.
  • Foods- Remember the group of foods that tend to cause bad breath, including coffees, acidic foods, onions, etc.
  • Illness and disease- Stay on top of your physical health and discuss chronic bad breath with your physician since there may be something more serious.
  • Smoking-Don’t start, and if you already smoke, quit! There are many proven ways to help even the most diehard smoker quit, including medical aids, cigarette substitutes and support groups.
  • Poor oral health – Good oral hygiene, and a consistent regime of brushing, flossing and using TUNG Brush and Gel, are critical to the prevention of not only bad breath, but gum disease, tooth decay and possibly even tooth loss. Many people brush and floss, but they forget to clean one of the major culprits of bad breath: their tongue!

 The bottom line? Unfortunately there is no permanent cure for bad breath, but there are many ways to prevent and fight it if you know just the few simple steps to allow those important digestive bacteria to do their job, just from behind the scenes!