“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup.” So ended the 1950 movie Sunset Boulevard. For years, we have been fascinated with portrait photography, but never so much as with the popular fad, the selfie. Millions of selfies are posted on social media every day, showing us with our friends, families, pets, national monuments and other tourist attractions.

While some selfies are deliberately goofy, we often use them to preserve memories, and some of these snapshots portray less than pretty images of ourselves. For those indelible memories, we thought we would give you a few tips on how to take the best selfie you can!

  • Relax and be yourself! If you want a formal portrait of yourself, head to a photographer with makeup in hand, your tie and jacket or whatever you needed for your school or wedding shoots. The idea of a selfie is to show the real you!
  • Think about where you are! Boring backgrounds create boring selfies. And be sure you check for photo-bombers – some can make the photo, some can ruin it.
  • Watch your angles! Nothing is less flattering than a shot up the nostril or chin! The best shots are taken when the camera/phone is above your line of vision and slightly to the side.
  • Be aware of the lighting! The best time of day for a great selfie is sunrise or sunset when the light is soft. If you are indoors, try to find a window that provides soft, streaming light.
  • Remember your audience! Most selfies are seen by millions, so don’t put anything out there you will regret publishing “the morning after”!
  • Most of all – Smile! But make it a REAL smile! A fake smile comes across as just that! Be happy, not phony! Oh, by the way, if you take a selfie at a restaurant, be sure the food is on the table and not stuck between your teeth!

The Tung Brush and Gel team wants you to have fun! Summer is a great time to head out on vacation, see friends and family, have barbecues and relax –so be ready for your closeup and capture the good times with a great selfie!