It is that time again – time to root on your favorite athletes and watch them compete in the international summer games. Held every four years, the summer games pit the best of the best against each other for the glory of the sport, of the participant, of the nation and of the world. It is a time to try to set aside our political differences and watch each athlete try to not only beat the opponent’s record but his or her own.

We all know that ability and practice are the key factors in being chosen for the team. But some of us may forget that perseverance, even in the face of adversity, is an even bigger story for some of the athletes. That perseverance, that will to succeed despite all odds, is inspirational, and should make each of us think twice about giving up on whatever challenges we face in our own lives.  Here are just a couple of examples for your consideration:

Among the four archers chosen to participate in the competition, the number two ranked archer in the world, Brady Ellison, will compete for the third time in summer games this year. In addition to being a member of the silver medal team four years ago, he has received five gold medals in world cup competition. However, he suffers from Perthes disease, a rare condition which causes hip problems and that required surgery after his international competition eight years ago. AND, he won a 2013 team world title while competing with a broken hand, not an easy feat for an archer!

Born to a mother with drug and alcohol dependency, gymnast Simone Biles is a true inspiration. She went to live with her paternal grandfather and his wife, who eventually adopted Simone when she was only five, along with her three year old sister.  The following year, she and her daycare class were scheduled to visit a ranch for the day, but weather caused a change in plans and the class went to a gymnastic studio instead. The seed was planted and little Simone began to bounce on the furniture at home. Her adoptive mom decided to save the furniture and take her to class…and a future champion was born. The wonderful thing about Simone, though, according to everyone who knows her, is that she is always smiling and is just a regular kid with chores, with celebrity crushes and one who made the choice to give up regular school social activities to be home-schooled and keep the time for her practicing. It had a toll on her, but through the love of her family, the encouragement of her coach and her own perseverance, Simone is now, at age 19, the favorite to take home the gold.

We at TUNG Brush and Gel join all of our customers in rooting on the home team this year as the Summer Games begin. And we hope that whatever your passion is, you pursue it with the same tenacity and perseverance as our wonderful athletes.