Monday, March 20th is the first day of Spring! Ah, Spring – birds chirping, flowers blossoming, trees budding….and…Spring CLEANING!

It is the time we have set aside to shun the winter blues and to get our homes and ourselves ready for longer days, summer nights and fun in the sun. Out with the old, spruce up our closets, open the windows and freshen up that stale winter air! Some of us start thinking about shedding the extra pounds we gained over the winter months so we can fit into those bathing suits, too!

So, why not think about Spring Cleaning your Mouth too!?!?! We here at TUNG Brush and Gel have some ideas for accomplishing just that…

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Mouth

  1. Have a dental checkup!: Let your dentist check you for cavities, screen for oral cancer, and gum disease. And while you’re at it, why not have your dentist “spring clean” your mouth and get rid of unwanted plaque and tartar so you have a “clean start” for summer! You may even want a fluoride treatment to help prevent further cavities.
  2. Throw out your old toothbrush! You know you are supposed to do that every three months or so, but MAKE SURE you get rid of it now! Old bristles won’t clean your teeth right! You might even consider upgrading to new technology and getting yourself an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes use sonic waves and vibrations to break down plaque and get to places you might otherwise miss!
  3. Throw out those cigarettes! Think of your mouth as an ashtray, accumulating the debris of cigarettes and causing bad breath and oral disease.
  4. Commit to flossing!  Even with a new toothbrush, if you don’t commit to getting into those gums with daily flossing you are missing debris that can cause gum disease and bad breath.
  5. Take care of your tongue! Spring cleaning means cleaning your tongue too! Be sure to include your TUNG Brush and Gel every day as part of your oral hygiene routine. Tongue brushing helps get rid of that nasty “biofilm” that clings to your tongue and causes bad breath and can lead to gum disease.

So go ahead! Clean out your closets, air out the attic, plant some seeds, put out some bird feeders and get ready for summer! And don’t forget, spring clean your mouth too! That summer barbecue and the fresh corn on the cob will taste SO much better!!! ☺