Ah, water. The source of life. Without it, we cannot exist. But just existence is not enough – we want a HEALTHY existence! The TUNG Brush and Gel team wants you healthy! So, of course in addition to using water to brush your teeth and clean your tongue, we thought we would bring you just ten of the many, MANY advantages of drinking water:

Ten Benefits of Drinking More Water

  1. Digestion: the intake of water helps process and break down fats and fiber as they go through the digestive system, so natural flushing and elimination of waste products in the body is facilitated.
  2. Weight loss: should you be seeking any amount of weight loss, an increase in water consumption, especially before meals, will help you eat less since it makes you feel fuller.
  3. Exercise: keeping hydrated is critical to a good exercise regime, especially during warm weather, since we have to replace the fluids lost due to sweating.
  4. Cancer prevention: studies have shown that the risk of developing bladder cancer, and even colon cancer and breast cancer is lessened in people who stay hydrated.
  5. Good kidney function: this one goes without saying – we need water to properly keep our kidneys flushed and working well so that toxins are eliminated.
  6. Lessened headaches: yes, there is a definite link between keeping hydrated and having fewer headaches – even migraines can be lessened with more intake of water.
  7. Helping a hangover: while we aren’t proponents of developing hangovers, we have to be realistic – some of you may get one from time to time! Drinking water will help with the morning after headache and wooziness.
  8. Improving your mood: studies have shown that dehydration can bring you down. Water is a natural mood enhancer 😊
  9. Fighting fatigue: did you ever notice coffee or soda being handed out by onlookers at a marathon? Of course not – water is the key to athletic fatigue and burnout. Being tired is one of the first signs of dehydration, too – your body knows when you should head for a glass of water to feel more awake!
  10. Staying alert: studying for exams? Dehydration can cause loss of focus and concentration, so keep the water going to keep your mind alert.

There you have it – just a few of the ways that drinking water can keep you healthier.

But, wait…there’s more! You don’t have to just drink water to improve your life! Use ice to soothe aches and pains, soak in a warm tub to reduce your stress, swim in it to improve your cardio health (and have fun, too)…and…don’t forget the amazingly therapeutic benefit of hitting your little brother or sister (no matter how old you/they are) with a snowball! Water – the key to life – and fun! 😊