OUCH! I get a sharp pain in my teeth when I drink my coffee in the morning. Or, OUCH, why do I have that dull ache in my jaw? Can’t be a cavity! After all, cavities are for kids, and I’m a grown-up…right? WRONG!!!

While we so often associate the presence of cavities with the young and their sugar consumption, diets, poor oral hygiene and the like, those same contributors can produce cavities in everyone regardless of age! Here are just a few reasons adults are prone to cavities…

Adults Get Cavities Too

  1. As we age, our gums tend to recede, thereby exposing even more dental surfaces to the development of cavities.
  2. The older we get, the more medications we may take, even if they are over the counter. As we know, many medications, such as anti-histamines, can result in drier mouths – and the reduction in saliva can promote cavity development.
  3. Many adults did not have the benefits of fluorides as children, so their teeth have not benefited from fluoride protection over the years.
  4. Our diets have changed – alcohol and caffeine, for example, contribute to dental and periodontal problems.
  5. Many adults had cavities when they were younger, resulting in the presence of dental fillings – as those fillings erode over time, our teeth become more prone to cavities.
  6. Some adults have diseases that promote dental and periodontal problems, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac or respiratory problems.
  7. Aging tends to cause bone loss and/or weakening, including bone loss in the mouth, which can lead to weakening of dentition and cavities or tooth loss.

And, there is another good reason adults get cavities – complacency! They make sure their kids brush their teeth, floss, clean their tongues daily and go to the dentist regularly, but they tend to think they are immune from the same problems, or are just too busy, so they ignore their own dental care.

WAKE UP GROWN-UPS! The aging process can actually contribute to the incidence of cavities! So be sure YOU attend to your dental health! Brush, floss, clean your tongue daily with your TUNG Brush and Gel, watch your diet, be aware of the side effects of your medications, and see your dentist regularly. THEN go out and act like a kid! 😊