We all know that some of the best things in life are free, like love and laughter. But food usually comes with a price tag. We are here to tell you, though, that you can eat well even if you are on a tight budget. All it takes is some thought and planning!

Needless to say, two good ways to save on food costs are to eat out less frequently and start clipping coupons. That includes packing your lunch most days instead of calling or going out. But aside from the obvious, here are some other tips that might not come to mind as quickly:

  1. Don’t food shop when you are hungry! You are more prone to buying things you don’t need if you wander aimlessly being tempted by every available treat or tasting kiosk!
  1. Plan a week’s menu! If you aren’t constantly running to the store to pick up the night’s dinner, you will save money.
  1. Make a list before you leave the house! Go through your pantry and fridge and see what is a staple that might be missing. Then, if you have planned out your menu, go through the necessary ingredients and write them on your list. We all have to run out for the occasional milk or eggs, but the big stuff should be planned ahead of time.
  1. Buy generic products! Your favorite store probably has its own brand name – its quality is just as good as the famous named brand and will cost considerably less.
  1. Cook a large meal – then use leftovers! If you make a turkey on Sunday, for example, you can use it during the week for tasty leftover meals – planning this way shouldn’t just be for Thanksgiving!
  1. Stock up when your favorite items are on sale! Maybe it will cost you more during that shopping trip, but taking advantage of sales or BOGO days will save money in the long run.
  1. Buy produce only when it is season! It will cost much less than if it is imported for sale during off-season times. Most stores will advertise what is in season when. If not, ask the manager of the produce section!
  1. Buy in bulk! If you have a membership at one of the discount clubs, most of the time your favorite items will cost way less in bulk than item by item. Just check expiration dates.
  1. And, near and dear to the hearts of the TUNG Brush and Gel team, buy healthy! Junk food tends to be way pricier than healthy food. You will save money and feel better! What a bonus!

Of course, anything you buy will taste better if you have a clean mouth and tongue, so make sure your clean your tongue! 😉  Now hit the pantry and get your lists going – most of the sales start during the weekends!