OK, Ladies – it’s your turn! And, as we all know, your significant other is probably out there right now trying to find you that perfect gift (since procrastination is well-known to be a common fact when shopping for the lady in the family!)  Well, fear not – we have a few ideas in mind that will make every lady out there happy to forgive that last minute rush!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

It doesn’t have to be a diamond, but most certainly jewelry is still one of the most popular gifts for the discerning gal. Whether it is a show-stopper or a sentimental heirloom, a diamond or a costume snowman, or a piece with her birthstone or the birthstones of her children or grandchildren, she will appreciate the thought you put in to giving her something special and lasting.

But she has more jewelry than she could wear in a lifetime!

Maybe there aren’t enough fingers, toes, ears or necks in the world to accommodate all the jewelry she already has. How about a jewelry box to hold it all? You might even be able to get one with her initials engraved on it, or one that plays her favorite tune when it opens (might just take her back to that dancing ballerina box she had as a child!)

Enough with the jewelry, already – what else is there?

Well, just like the guys out there, the ladies have bucket lists they would love to check off. The gift of an experience is always appreciated, and will show her you really listen!  Whether it is a day at the spa, tickets to a show or exhibit, zip-lining or a hot air balloon ride, spoil her with something she has always wanted to do!  You might even think of giving her a beautiful notebook as well to keep track of the memories you are giving her!

The Days of Wine and Roses?

Well, that sounds more like Valentine’s Day, but some wonderful holiday confections, such as gourmet truffles, Christmas petit fours or red and green macarons, would certainly bring a smile to her face. Pair those with some bubbly holiday spirits and you will help her celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year with with just the right amount of cheer. (If she doesn’t drink, you could also give her a lovely new tea pot or coffee maker to brew her favorite accompaniment for the sweets!)

By the way, since we are speaking of holiday smiles, make sure she keeps her tongue clean and give her a TUNG Brush and Gel set too! It will keep her breath clean and you can tell her that the best gift will be to meet you under the mistletoe!

Happy Holidays!