What in the world? You have probably noticed a lot in the media about Hygge lately. Maybe you think it’s a new slipper fad? Or a warm drink for the winter? Or a strain of the flu?

Maybe you have no idea what we are talking about? Well, Hygge is hitting us hard, everyone – but it also isn’t a bad thing! In fact, Hygge is a pretty wonderful thing and well worth sharing.

Hygge – HIGHGEE? Huh?

First and foremost, the word is pronounced “HOO-ga”, and in a nutshell, it means comfort. It is not a tea, or type of comfy sock, not is it a strict diet or structured calendar.

It is a way of life that has been proven in its Danish origins to promote wellness, reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Since the fundamentals of Hygge are coziness, the joy and celebration of friends, family, companionship and warmth, it has been adapted by many to compensate for and lift the spirits of enduring cold winters.

Think of fireplaces, hot cocoa, cozy socks and a candlelit meal with loved ones. That image is a perfect one to use to understand the Hygge concept. Even putting on your warmest mittens and taking a walk in the snow can be Hygge. However, the Hygge lifestyle can be used year-round. And, in the USA, it has taken on even more of a following due to the stressors of our normal lifestyles and environment.

Hygge is about comfort and simplicity, and doesn’t cost a dime to embrace.

OK, sounds great – how do I Hygge?

Your Hygge may be totally different than your neighbor’s. But it is such a proven way to improve your life that is has developed into a huge trending topic on social media, and has encouraged books, Pinterest boards and articles in wellness and health magazines. We thought we would pick out ten of our favorite Hygge trends to share with our readers:

  1. Enjoy warm drinks – drinks that warm you up from the inside out and that warm your hands while holding the mugs. Hot chocolate comes to mind. Don’t forget how much better it will taste, by the way, if you clean your tongue every day with your TUNG Brush and Gel 😊.
  2. Take a hot evening bath – try heading to bed after relaxing in a tub. Candlelight helps with the relaxation too.
  3. Place lots of pillows on the couch – and cozy up in them with a good book or while you have a conversation with a friend or family member.
  4. Be sure you and your friends have cozy blankets to snuggle in while you are having that conversation.
  5. Place candles or lanterns in your windows – share your warmth with the outside world and your neighbors.
  6. Wear cozy socks while you are indoors – ditch the shoes at the door!
  7. Cook simple, tasty and healthy foods – enjoy the time eating as much as you do cooking – a simple meal shared with friends and family will be more delicious than a grand luxurious one. It’s about quality of time.
  8. Take a walk – you don’t have to spend all of your comfort time indoors. Get out and breathe some fresh air!
  9. Read a book – even though much of this lifestyle has to do with the enjoyment of others, spending some alone time, on those couch pillows, snuggled inside your blanket, wearing those cozy socks and drinking that hot chocolate is the best way to enjoy your favorite novel or book of poetry!
  10. Put down the cellphone – there is more to life than the outside world. Somehow, generations made it through the night without texting or checking their social media pages. How about giving it a try?

So there you have it – Hygge. Sounds pretty good to us. Thanks so much to the Danes for coming up with this and for teaching us that you can’t go wrong with a way to find comfort and coziness with the simple things? Give it a try. We are going to make a cup of cocoa right now. Happy Hygge, everyone.