You wake up in the morning, head to the bathroom, shower, brush your teeth and clean your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel. You look over, and there is your partner – all dressed and heading out the door for the day. Wait!!! He didn’t brush his teeth! YUCK, you think – how is that possible? How can anyone not brush his or her teeth every day!?!?

Good habits start early

Have you thought about asking your partner if his mom or dad took him to the dentist regularly when he was a child? Perhaps she wasn’t taught good oral hygiene at home either. The patterns established in childhood can continue throughout adulthood. But that doesn’t mean they can’t change!

Don’t be mean – but be honest

Whatever you do, remember that any subject that broaches hygiene is difficult and can be embarrassing. Think about how hard it might be to tell someone she needs deodorant, right? Well, the same idea holds true for telling someone their teeth are yellow or their breath is stinky. And remember, too, that your partner may just become super-defensive and jump down your throat. Stay calm and remind him that this is for his own good, stress health, appearance etc. Don’t make it about you. And remember – you may have to have this conversation more than once.

Use a visual to help him or her understand

While you are having your quiet conversation, bring a mirror. Assuming that your partner’s teeth are yellow or decaying, let him or her see what he or she looks like to others. And, while you are at it, have some evidential facts with you. Let your partner know the statistics of tooth loss and gum decay that result from poor hygiene.

Call in the pros!

You may just have to drag your partner to a dentist, but it might provide him with the scientific and objective explanation of how his lack of care is deleterious to his health. And a professional cleaning and exam might be the best way to kick-start a new at-home oral hygiene regime.

When all else fails – remember to stress how much you love your partner! Give your partner a big kiss even if you cringe a little 😉…them remind him or her how much better those kisses will be if you BOTH take care of your mouths!