Did you know that spring actually began back on March 20th? Hard to believe, isn’t it? What with winter-like storms and frigid temperatures, alternating with sunny and warm days, this has been one crazy first month of the season!

Birds and trees are confused, first buds popped and then hid 😉 But guess what? Maybe we are finally on the right track for a spring-like May, so now is a great time to get to your spring cleaning. We don’t mean just cleaning out the closets and dusting off the blinds, but how about giving your mind and, in fact, your life a fresh start?

Out with the old!

You can start the process by getting rid of junk and simplifying your surroundings. This doesn’t only mean your closets, but how about going through your desk and organizing, or even shredding, old papers. We all know this isn’t really a paperless society just yet! When you are done with your desk, hit the briefcase or pocketbook, the junk drawer in the kitchen and (admit it) the console or glove-box (or maybe even the whole back seat?) of your car.

Detox your mind!

Just for fun, how about taking a break from technology? Instead of emailing your friends and family, write them notes or send them birthday cards instead of ecards! And you might think about starting a journal. Journaling is a wonderful way to keep track of your thoughts and reminding yourself about the things, large and small, that have made an impact on you for any reason. Don’t confuse this with keeping a diary, but rather, when the mood strikes, take note of your surroundings, your impressions, your thoughts. The best way to approach that might be to mindfully take a few minutes out of your day to daydream, meditate or reflect.

Your body can use a fresh start too!

Nature rocks!

Take a hike! No, we don’t mean get out of town, but how about walking instead of driving, or just walking for fun. Spend time outdoors, breathe the spring air, take up an outdoor sport or hobby. If you can’t enjoy the greenery outside, how about bringing nature inside? Indoor plants, from ficus trees to bonsai plants to bamboo, are a great way to enjoy nature 24/7! At least treat yourself to a fresh bunch of spring flowers.

Your body will know!

Try a break from caffeine, alcohol or processed foods. Go organic for a while and get your body back to nature. You can even jumpstart each day with a cup of warm water with lemon instead of coffee or tea. And then, how about enjoying the produce of the season? Fresh is fabulous 😊While you are at it, how about starting a new fitness routine? Or just reaffirm your health and beauty regimen (guys, this means you, too) – don’t forget to include brushing every day and cleaning your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel.

 So there you have it – now, if only Mother Nature would cooperate and keep the warm days coming! Happy Spring 😊