Guys, picture this: you walk in to a crowded room, feeling pretty dapper, wearing that new cologne, all spruced up and everyone turns in your direction! Pretty awesome, right? Well, not if they are wondering “what is that awful smell?” instead of “someone smells great!”

Interestingly enough, it has been proven that odors (good and bad), evoke more memories than visual or audio reminders. You may remember how your first date smelled before you remember what she wore or what song you danced to at the prom. So scent is important!

So, I always thought that citrus was nicer than spice – no?

Colognes and fragrances come in a whole bunch of scents that range from very light and citrusy to heavy and woodsy and everything in between. And if the range of fragrances wasn’t enough to confuse you, each of the variants includes three “notes”:

  1. Top Note: this is the lighter smell that comes across when the fragrance first hits the skin – it usually lasts from just 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  2. Medium Note: lasting for 3-5 hours after the top note wears off, this is the scent that represents the main element of the fragrance.
  3. Base Note: lasting up to 10 hours, this is the fragrance that lasts the longest as it adheres to the skin and become more noticeable later in the day.

OK, now that I am thoroughly confused, how do I pick a scent?

Did you know that different scents react to our individual body chemistries differently? So that amazing scent you tested out at the store on the little strip of paper they had might just come across completely differently when it hits your skin! If you want a good match to your own body odor/chemistry, here are a few tips:

  1. Go to where the selection is the best – usually a good department store.
  2. Test two scents – spray each on one wrist. If you are really adventurous and want to test more, spray the other two on the inside of each elbow. Don’t test more than four!
  3. As with a wine-tasting, be sure you “freshen” your palate between sniffs – you can’t tell them apart if you smell one right after the other.
  4. Take a walk and smell the different fragrances at different intervals – remember, they are acting together with your body chemistry, which changes during the day.
  5. Choose your favorite – don’t think it is the only fragrance you can wear, though – there may be a second (or third) place winner. Different scents for different moods!
  6. Start with a small bottle – you may change your mind.

I think I’ve got it now – now what?

There are some basic rules that all guys should try to remember regarding fragrances:

  1. Spray your fragrance on dry skin, preferably after a shower.
  2. Start light – one spray on the chest will establish the scent.
  3. Apply to skin not clothes – remember, you have been testing the fragrances with your body chemistry, not with the scent of your detergent!
  4. Spray on your body’s warmest areas – the heat from your chest, neck, wrist, lower jaw, inner elbow etc. will push through and enhance the scent.
  5. Spray don’t rub – rubbing the cologne will break the molecular bond and weaken the scent. If you don’t have a spray, just dab without rubbing.
  6. Less is more – this will make the difference between “he smells good” and “he just smells” – don’t let the fragrance overpower the ambiance.

So go ahead, guys, and experiment with different fragrances. As we said, there are usually several that will compliment your mood, your activity and your wardrobe. Make using a suitable cologne part of your daily routine, so after you shower, brush your teeth and clean your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel, give yourself a light spray of the day’s fragrance. Then go ahead and knock ‘em dead, not out!