Hey guys, did you ever go out to dinner and look at the meal your dad ordered? Or see the elderly gentleman at the next table order something you can’t imagine eating? Well, if you ponder their culinary choices, be aware that the odds are that they know their dietary needs are different than they used to be, and that you, too, may very well change your plate and palate as you age. That doesn’t mean that the gent at the next table can’t have a burger and fries, but that his dietary and nutritional needs have changed with the decades.

Remember though- regardless of what decade you belong to, everything you eat and drink will taste better if you brush your teeth and clean your tongue daily with your TUNG Brush and Gel.

So, I’m only 28, what should I eat?

When you are in your twenties, since you are probably pretty active, you may not pay attention to what you eat since you are burning off energy at work and at play. It is, however, a good time to start being mindful and to think about building the foundation for the future. For example, try to focus on healthy proteins, such as fish and chicken, rather than an excess of beef, which will be harder for the body to assimilate later on in life. And, you might think about reducing your salt intake since too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure. That doesn’t mean no salt, just think about processed and fast food, for example. And since you are almost into the next decade, (your thirties!), you might want to add some heart healthy Omega 3 to your diet, such as in two portions of fish per week – it will help to keep those blood vessels clear!

Fabulous Forties?

Fit and forty? Awesome! But a lot of men in their forties will see an increase in cholesterol and the need for some added fiber. Think about whole grains instead of starchy ones, and keep an eye on your cholesterol levels, since high cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease due to arterial blockages. That doesn’t mean no red meat or cheese, guys, but keep and eye on portions and you might seek out leaner cuts of beef, more fish, and lower fat content cheese or milk.

Ah, the half century mark!

We are sure that you are seeing your primary care physician for your annual check up and that you are diligent about all preventative testing (you are, right?), but be aware that men in the fifties and sixties who have not been active could face some issues with bone health, so they might want to increase their Vitamin D intake. Also, as we age it becomes more difficult to manage sugar levels, so keeping sugar intake down will help with not only the prevention of diabetes, but also with unwanted weight gain. And, watch your salt intake! Most doctors recommend further reducing sodium to help with blood pressure issues that naturally arise in the aging process.

So, now you’re that gent at the next table!

As men enter their seventies and beyond, they usually see a loss of muscle mass as well as a decrease in appetite, so it is important to add protein AND healthy calories to their diets. Be sure to keep as active as you can, of course, both mentally and physically! And go have that burger and fries…just not every day!