Guys, remember when accessories to your wardrobe meant socks, ties, shoes, and belts? You keep those items well organized and know what to wear with what. You pride yourselves on your color and texture choices, you are sure to coordinate style to dress appropriately for your choice of outfit and for the event or activity for which you are dressing, be it work, play, a casual date or a family wedding.

But Wait…There’s More!

While many men don’t wear a lot of jewelry, there is one item that stands out as a true fashion accessory – the watch. Not everyone whips his phone out of his pocket to check on the time. The watch is, and has been, a standard of the well-dressed man for a long time. But there are numerous watch styles out there, and knowing which to wear, and not wear with both your wardrobe choice and activity can make or break your outfit.

Fundamental Watch Styles

In addition to two basic watch types, LCD/LED and analog watches, fashion gurus note that there are five fundamental analog watch styles, and each has its own subset of choices. Before we list those, gents, a note from those same gurus – never, EVER, wear an LCD or LED watch with anything other than the most casual clothing. Most come with rubber straps and are meant for sporting events, picnics or a day at the beach.

In order of increased formality, the five basic types of watch are Field, Pilot, Racing/Driving, Diving, and Dress. Suffice to say, each of these comes in a wide variety of color, style and size, but the overall gist is to match your watch with your outfit.

So, What Do I Wear with What and to Where?

  • Pretty much anything goes with casual wear, such as polo or tee shirts and jeans, except a dress watch, but try to match the durability of your watch with the activity in which you are engaging.. A field watch, with small to medium face and leather or canvas strap would be a good choice.
  • Casual Work Day or “sharp” casual? Now you have upgraded your wardrobe perhaps to khakis, button down shirts and/or sport coats without a tie? And you are definitely wearing leather shoes instead of sandals or canvas, right? Time for a watch that makes a little more of a statement, such as a pilot or racing/driving watch with a larger face, bolder numbers and a leather strap.
  • Have to wear a suit and tie? Your watch will depend on the suit. A dark conservative suit will call for a simple dress watch with leather strap and minimal distractions such as chronographs. If you are in less conservative attire, you could get away with that amazing dive watch with a steel strap.
  • And finally, the black tie…While it is, technically, not appropriate to wear a watch that might conflict with those fancy cuff links, most agree that a simple, thin dress watch with minimal fussiness on the face and with a slender black leather strap would be ok.

Regardless of what watch you wear, remember that the well-dressed man should ALWAYS wear a smile! So be sure to start each day by brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel, and a great attitude!