OK, gentlemen—we know you have been there. You are getting ready for work or school or a date and…pop! One of the buttons on your favorite shirt or jacket comes off. Now, not to be overly old-fashioned, but how many of you would be able to tackle this daunting repair job if your mom or wife or girlfriend isn’t around? You would probably rather tackle a job with a power tool than with a needle and thread. But there you are, all alone, button in one hand and garment in the other.

Tailors and sailors know what to do!

If you really think about it, some of the best tailors and clothing designers are men who can certainly handle any task, from tucking in to hemming, or, of course, replacing a lost button. And think about soldiers or sailors who are away from home – no one is there to help them keep that uniform in top condition. So don’t think for a minute that you can’t do it…all you need are some pointers on how to execute the task. Consider this little chore part of your overall grooming, like taking care of your hair, your body, brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel.

Eight simple steps to sew and secure!

  1. Thread your needle with about 24” of thread, equal lengths on the sides and knot the ends.
  2. Coming from the back of the fabric, bring the needle through leaving a little bit of thread on the back.
  3. Return the needle from front to back, making a “backslash” mark, then repeat this process at a perpendicular angle so you have an “X” on the front.
  4. Place your button on the “X” mark you have made and pass the needle from the back of the fabric up through one of the button holes. Can’t find the button? Most garments come with a spare near the hem or border.
  5. You don’t want to sew it on too tightly, so here’s a neat trick – put a spare needle or a toothpick across the button before you pass the threaded needle through to the back and pull the thread taut. You will understand why later.
  6. Continue passing the thread through the button holes until you have repeated the step three times.
  7. Now, secure the button by wrapping the thread underneath it around six times – now you see why you needed that little bit of slack?
  8. Pass the needle one last time to the back of the fabric and tie it off. Your button should be nice and secure.

Need a visual?

If you can’t quite picture what we have described, check out the neat step-by-step graphics. Then go ahead, button up and head out for that date, meeting or class! And feel accomplished at having mastered another grooming skill.

A Guy's Guide to Sewing a Button