Well isn’t that a silly question? Why is just this coming Monday “Blue Monday”? Aren’t ALL Mondays blue? After all, Monday signifies the end of the weekend and the return to school or work for most of us. And why does “blue” mean sad or unhappy? Blue is my favorite color – can’t it be fuchsia Monday or orange Monday? Or just blah Monday?

The etymology of “blue” meaning “sad”:

There are several theories about the origin of the use of the color blue to indicate sadness or unhappiness:

  • Perhaps it is because traditionally ships fly blue flags and/or bear a blue band to signify the death of their captain or another officer.
  • Perhaps it is because many West African cultures used blue indigo to dye the garments of mourners for death and bereavement ceremonies.
  • And perhaps that use of blue indigo translated to the US and slaves who worked on cotton in Southern plantations, often singing sad, dirge-like songs…now known as “the blues”.

So why is January 21st “Blue Monday”?

In 2005, a company called Sky Travel coined the phrase because the third Monday in January appeared to be the saddest day of the year. People are coming off the holidays and credit card bills are arriving.

Not to mention the fact that by the end of the month workers will receive their W2 forms and will have to start facing tax season. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and, for many, it is a lonely day. The skies are grey, and the weather is, for many, gloomy, dreary and cold.

And, interestingly enough, statistical evidence shows that most New Year Resolutions will have been abandoned by the third Monday of the year. Yikes!

OK, I get it – what do I do?

Sounds like a pretty glum day, huh? We get it and have some thoughts for you…

The Antidote

Start by shifting your mindset from “glass as half empty” to “refillable”…mindset matters!  Get up Monday morning, shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, have that first cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast (all of which in whatever order you prefer, of course) and decide to tackle what is ahead of you. Focus on things you can actually control and change and let those things go that you can’t. Nothing drains your energy and enthusiasm for life faster than trying to control those things that are out of your control!

And how this? Consider adding some adventure into your life! We believe adventure is a great antidote to stress and depression. And we’re not just referring to physical adventure, like climbing that mountain trail you’ve been afraid of or registering for that marathon you’ve been thinking about for years, but a deeper look inward and tackling some of those areas of your life that have been tripping you up.

In fact, stay tuned, as we have some ADVENTURE in store for you that we hope will take you down the most unexpected but rewarding path!

If you are struggling, you deserve to have help. Don’t struggle alone. Chat with someone now or call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

What is Blue Monday?