How can better be an adventure you ask?

Well it requires a few things that relate to the concept of adventure. I’ll submit to you that it requires truth, risk and effort. First, the truth has to be revealed before being better can take place. For example you have to admit you need to be better at something in particular that will make your life better. That means you have to believe there is room for improvement. How do you come to this truth? Be honest with yourself or ask someone else to be honest with you. Here are some questions to ask yourself-
1. How could my life be more exciting?
2. What would I be good at if I had a choice?
3. Is it possible to improve on something new or simply better at something I’m already pretty good at doing?
The point is to do an honest inventory on what your everyday life looks like and how it could be more fulfilling and stimulating.
Being better requires real effort.
Secondly, risk is inherent when looking at bettering your life. Being truthful (as talked about above) is always a little humbling which risks the comfort zone of our ego. Stepping out on a limb we can risk failure which never feels good. But most importantly, risk requires us to face our fears head on and attempt to slay them with our sword! Fighting the negative self-talk and insecurities can be terrifying. We want to run off and live the lame life with the warthog and muskrat like Simba in “The Lion King” when facing the fears of his past Like him, it’s terrifying to think that we may have royalty in our veins!

And finally, being better requires real effort. It’s great to face the truth and face your fears but at some point you have to be proactive and make it happen. To borrow a phrase from Nike, Just Do It! Before bedtime write a numbered list with practical steps and commit to getting up the next morning and at least acting on step 1. As you accomplish step 1 then look forward to acting on Step 2 and so on. Before you know it you have started the journey to Better in an area of your life that needed some improvement. Facing the truth, taking a risk and acting on it can improve your self worth because you’ve proven to yourself that you have what it takes!

I believe in you so believe in yourself! Be Better and Be Your Adventure!

Please be aware that every adventure comes with inherent risks. We encourage all appropriate safety precautions. Always Risk Responsibly.