Although most of us think of the tongue as that bumpy  protrusion in our mouths that tastes, that gets burned by hot coffee or that is used by children to “razz” their friends,  the word itself is used in many proverbs or colloquial phrases!  In many languages, the word “tongue” is synonymous with “language”, such as when one is said to speak the “mother tongue”.    If someone is sarcastic or ironic and says something that should not be taken all too seriously, the statement is said to be made as “tongue in cheek”.  And we all know that “she sells seashells by the seashore” is a “tongue twister”.

To be “tongue-tied” is not only a medical condition, but it also means being unable to say what you want to due to confusion, embarrassment or restriction.  If you “bite your tongue”, it can not only hurt, but it also means that you are holding back on saying something that you think might upset or offend.   Sometimes you have to bite so hard it ends up hurting anyway!  And if you let loose with something you really didn’t want to say, it is a “slip of the tongue”.  Then, of course, if you are completely dumbfounded or at a loss for words, it is described as “cat got your tongue”.  Hmmm…where have we heard that one before?

Watch out for those who should “mind their tongue”!

And…when you come across someone who is deliberately deceptive, that person is said to have a “forked tongue”.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so by all means watch out for those smooth-talkers with “silver tongues”. But Valentine’s Day is also a great reason to remember how fresh your breath and kisses can be if you have great dental hygiene, and that includes taking care of the bacteria on your tongue!    The TUNG BRUSH is perfect for getting ready for those romantic moments!

Stay tuned for more anecdotes and facts about tongues and The TUNG BRUSH…but in the meantime, HAPPY “VALENTUNG’S” DAY!!!  Don’t let bad breath get in the way of the day.