Breath fresheners have been around a long time! In fact, it’s believed the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were chewing on eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla beans around 1000 B.C. to freshen their breath. By 500 B.C., powdered charcoal and bark made it on the list of breath fresheners. Eventually, urine was added by the Romans and the Greeks—Wow, talk about potty mouth!

Fast forward several hundred years and you’ll find that mouthwash evolved to a combination of ammonia, honey, and eucalyptus. Well, that sounds a little better than chewing on a mouthful of charcoal!

Finally, ammonia was replaced with alcohol and the first commercially available antiseptic mouthwash was called Odol which was invented by a German researcher in the late 1800s. Believe it or not, Odol is still available today!

Currently, the market is flooded with many varieties of mouthwashes and breath fresheners. They all promise to freshen your breath and they do. There’s only one problem: it doesn’t last…it’s a cover up!

Original Tongue Cleaner

Using the TUNG Brush and Gel Cleaning System gets to the “source” of bad breath!

90% of bad breath comes from the gases emitted by those sneaky little bacteria hiding in the crevices of your tongue and covered by a sticky film known as tongue plaque.

Mouthwash cannot effectively penetrate this sticky layer, therefore, it only washes over these stubborn bacteria and gives you a “feeling” of  freshness that is only very temporary. It does not remove the source of bad breath!

Brushing your tongue with the TUNG Brush and Gel Cleaning System allows you to get to the source. It removes the bacteria where they hide and leaves you with a clean, fresh, and healthier mouth.

Don’t just cover up your halitosis, get rid of it with the TUNG Brush and Gel Cleaning System…you’ll be glad you did!