We’ve all heard it before: “My dog’s mouth is cleaner than my mouth!” But, is it true?

Fact or Fiction?

We love our dogs and treat them like family. We buy them Christmas gifts, birthday presents, let them sleep in our beds, and allow them to give us big, sloppy kisses on our mouths. We comfort ourselves by saying their mouth is cleaner than ours as they lick away!

It’s believed this concept—a dog having a cleaner mouth than ours—stems from the fact that a dog licks its wounds, which enables it to heal. This is true. Dogs do lick their wounds in order to clean out the debris and dead skin. They also lick a lot of other things!

According to wiseGEEK.com,

…people who believe that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans’ mouths are greatly mistaken, according to veterinarians who have spoken on the subject. Most humans have a strong belief in good hygiene, and brush their teeth at least once or twice every day. Human mouths rarely come into contact with external bacteria. Dogs’ mouths, in contrast, are rarely cleaned in most cases. Dogs also have a tendency to sniff around and eat bacteria-filled waste — including rancid food and feces — whenever they are given the opportunity to do so. Contrary to popular belief, dogs’ mouths are far dirtier than the mouths of the typical human being.” [emphasis added]

Hmmm—rancid food and feces—yuck! We know they do that, but did they have to say that? We still love our dogs even if they have a dirty mouth!

And speaking of dirty mouths, if human beings want to keep their mouths super clean, they should be brushing their tongue! The tongue is the place where bacteria love to live, thrive, and multiply! Brushing your tongue reduces this bad-breath producing bacteria and keeps your mouth healthy and clean.

So, the next time Fido tries to sneak a kiss, at least your mouth will be in tip-top shape! Get The Original TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel Tongue Cleaning system today.