The mistletoe is out in full force this time of year and kissing is happening everywhere! So, how did this fun tradition of kissing under the mistletoe start?

The custom of using Mistletoe is believed to have originated from the ancient times. It was held sacred by the Norse, the Celtic Druids and the North American Indians. The Druid priests would cut mistletoe from an oak tree, divide the branches into many sprigs, and then distribute them to the people. The people hung them over their doorways as protection against thunder, lightning and other evils. This folklore continued over the centuries!

Mistletoe is also a symbol for peace and joy. This idea originated in the ancient times of the Druids: whenever enemies met under the mistletoe in the forest, they had to give up their arms and observe a truce until the next day. From this comes the custom of hanging a mistletoe ball from the ceiling and exchanging kisses under it as a sign of friendship and goodwill!

In the 18th Century, the kissing between a man and a woman was accepted as a promise to marry. At Christmas time, a young lady standing under a ball of mistletoe cannot refuse to be kissed! The kiss could mean deep romance or lasting friendship and goodwill. It was also believed that if the girl remained unkissed, she cannot expect to marry the following year.

And so the fun custom of a kiss under the mistletoe continues to this day—so it leads us to ask you this question: Are you ready to be under the mistletoe?

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Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you and…happy kissing!

Source: The History of Christmas