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Going to the Next Level Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness: The Missing Part of Your Journey?

As we all strive to make our lives better through healthier habits—whether it’s clean eating, exercising, reducing controllable stressors, tongue cleaning, striving for work/life balance—it is critical to our success that we approach life more mindfully. After all, you want to make this journey of life the best it can be… But what is mindfulness? According […]

Soup to Warm Your Body and Soul

Healthy Minestrone Soup for a Cold Winter’s Day!

Minestrone – We all know it is a yummy Italian soup, right? The word comes from the Italian “minestra”, “soup,” or more literally, “that which is served,” from minestrare, “to serve.” And, in Italian, when the suffix “-one” is added to a word it means “bigger or grander”. So, minestrone is actually GRAND soup! And […]