When you get sick, your body can produce odors, including bad breath

Not only is it the nastiness coming out of your nose and mouth and but also the level of activity your immune system is experiencing. Think about how tired you feel when suffering from an illness. Did you ever wonder why? The problem isn’t just in the infection itself but in the activity of the immune system. There are a few schools of thought about this but most physicians agree that the immune system is in hyper overdrive as it fights the germs associated with an illness.

As stated on webmd.com, “Colds, coughs, and sinus infections can send mucus filled with bacteria through your nose and mouth. That can affect your breath.”
Some researchers have discovered that dogs can detect when you’re getting sick by smells your body is producing. Your sweat (if you have a fever) can smell bad and/or your breath can be stinky! These symptoms are bad news for Fido. No fetch, no petting and maybe, just maybe, less feedings!! “NO,” Fido screams!!

So in summary, if your dog suddenly looks at you with a look of disgust then you may want to wear a mask, take a vitamin C and BRUSH YOUR TONGUE!!!! Your body (and Fido) will thank you!

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