Many of us are getting ready for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with our families. It is a wonderful holiday, replete with reminders of everything for which we are thankful, filled with the laughter of children as they watch the parade and the arrival of Santa and, of course, bursting with delicious food.

But, watch out!

As you indulge in the turkey and stuffing, pie and potatoes, and all that jazz, you may not know that a lot of these foods are among the worst for your breath. Five of your favorite foods contribute to Thanksgiving bad breath!

5 Thanksgiving Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Although it is known for tryptophan and post-consumption sleepiness, turkey is full of protein, and protein-rich foods tend to break down into a great source of bacteria which contribute to bad breath.

And that green bean bake and your grandma’s favorite stuffing recipe?  Filled with onions, right?  So delicious!!! But onions contain sulfur components called “mercaptans” that create that smelly breath you get after you eat them (garlic too!!)

Let’s not forget your favorite sweet potato casserole.  Not only are sweet potatoes full of natural sugar, but then we top the casserole with, yes, you guessed it – marshmallows!  As we all know, sugar feeds bad breath bacteria and also contributes to plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease.

The same goes for your pumpkin pie – chock full of sugar and then topped with whipped cream!  SO GOOD! But so bad for your oral hygiene!

And then, finally, you are about ready to get up from the table when that yummy cup of after-dinner coffee arrives.  The acid in your coffee contributes to an environment where those bad-breath bacteria love to live.

So, please – we want you to enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner. Be blessed with your family and friends around you and be thankful for your blessings. But before the tryptophan kicks in or before you get going for your Black Friday shopping or for your football marathon…remember to use your TUNG Brush and Gel to fight  those bad breath nasties…then, go ahead, enjoy the leftovers!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us on the TUNG Brush and Gel team!