So, the holidays are over and you have that dreaded winter cold or flu. Sinus problems are at their worst and you develop…”Sick Breath”! Every parent knows that when your child has a cold his or her “sick breath” causes even the most loving mom or dad to steer clear of kiddie kisses. Now you know what your breath smells like, and you don’t want any human contact until you feel better. Why did that happen and what can you do about it?

Well, the why part is easy to answer. Post-nasal drip is the culprit. The mucus in post-nasal drip coats the back of the throat and tongue and provides fodder for the bacteria that live there. The bacteria break down the protein from the drip into a stinky and sour-tasting coating. Add the fact that most antihistamines and sinus medications work by drying out the sinuses and thereby slow the production of saliva that breaks down nasty bacteria and VOILA! The cycle is complete and you have “sick breath” that even your mother wouldn’t want to breathe.

So, now what? You have to get back to society without offending your family, friends or co-workers.  What do you do?

Step one – don’t panic, you will be better soon. Now, get a good moisturizing nasal spray that will keep the sinus and nasal passages moist while your medicine does its job.

Also, suck on some sugar-free lozenges to keep the moisture flowing and the saliva in production mode.

Finally, remember that this is a crucial time for really good oral hygiene. Keep your teeth clean to prevent that sticky stuff from adhering to them and remember to keep your tongue clean and fresh with TUNG Brush and Gel. Before you know it, you will be able to breathe again…And without that “sick breath”!