OK Ladies – this one’s for you!

Some women pass through menopause with no major side effects. For others, this is a time of night sweats, mood swings, and hot flashes. Often humorously depicted in comedies, menopause is a fact of life for women and, much like taxes, cannot be avoided.  Although when it occurs varies for each person, it universally signals a major physiological change that manifests itself not only in bodily changes but also in your mouth.

A few examples of these changes include:

  • Bone and tooth loss: As women go through menopause, they are often subject to osteoporosis; the weakening of bones that everyone assumes is limited to brittleness in the arms, legs and hips. While bone density tests reveal the condition in the extremities, bone loss in the jaw is not diagnosed as easily and sometimes it is overlooked as a condition until it is too late. Low bone density should signal a visit to your dentist, since it is common for many menopausal women to require some partial or full dentures due to the loss in bone.
  • Oral Discomfort: Some women have a change in how they taste things during and after menopause. A common complaint is dry mouth, and sometimes a burning sensation can be felt.
  • Receding Gums: Sometimes those hormonal changes can cause gums to be more sensitive and also more susceptible to recession, leaving more exposed tooth area open to the possibility of decay.

 It is important for everyone to maintain good oral hygiene and health, but if you are approaching menopause, be sure to take extra measures to keep your mouth clean and hydrated and visit your dentist regularly. Also, remember that if your bone density test reveals bone loss, it may affect your jaw and teeth and make sure your dentist gets a copy of that test for your records! Brushing, flossing and using your TUNG Brush and Gel on a daily basis are extra-important habits for our lady friends at this time of their lives!

So, ladies, get out your fans and bottles of water, take good care of yourselves, and no matter how flushed or sweaty you feel, remember how very beautiful you are!