As most women know, men are the last humans on earth to be willing to submit to any health examinations. In fact, many wives have said that if their husbands tell them they need to see a doctor the wives can safely assume that the men are knocking on death’s door. 😉This holds true for men being inconsistent patients in the dentist’s office as well, which is why statistics show that visits are often made purely if a problem has arisen or if there is sufficient pain that prompts the need for an oral examination.

The difference in how men and women approach their oral hygiene and oral health is sufficient enough to produce significantly more problems for men. Studies show that 86% of women say they brush their teeth twice a day, compared to only 65% of men. As a result, the American Dental Association and The Academy of General Dentistry have found that 11 percent more men than women from 30 to 54 years old suffer from gum or periodontal disease. Between the ages of 55 and 90 years, the gap increases to 12%!

Since periodontal disease has been linked to tooth loss as well as the development of dry mouth, heart conditions and other more dangerous health issues, men are at a higher risk of not just losing dentition, but also suffering from life-threatening conditions.

So, gentlemen, how about stepping up and taking care of yourselves?

  • Change your toothbrushes regularly (every three months).
  • Brush your teeth twice daily, floss, and use your TUNG Brush and Gel every day!
  • Visit your dentist regularly, not only if you have a problem or pain!
  • If after you play sports or use tobacco you see gum bleeding after brushing or flossing, be sure to tell your dentist!

Oh, and by the way – don’t forget, guys, if you have children, they learn by example, so be sure they see their dads taking their oral hygiene seriously! 👊