Do you do what you really love? Have you ever felt that your passion could not become your reality or that a long-time goal was unreachable? Most of us have the fear of failure or the lack of self-confidence deep within our psyches, which is why so many of us don’t even try to pursue our dreams!

 So how do we begin to believe in ourselves? We aren’t talking about self-aggrandizement or misplaced ego, but true self-confidence that will allow each of us to break the cycle of the negativism that has held us back. The TUNG Brush & Gel team feels that your goals can be achievable, and we thought we would give our readers a few pointers on building self-confidence, none of which is too complicated or expensive and all of which are possible!

Before we begin, a word of caution: never listen to a nay-sayer! Don’t let someone’s own doubts bring you down. You CAN do this!!!

  1. Take care of your appearance inside and out: You might decide to look at some new clothing, or just take a great invigorating shower! You may decide to get a new haircut or try new makeup. You don’t have to spend a lot – just do a mental and physical photoshop of yourself to see what you think may have held you back and how you want yourself to appear.
  2. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones: Try to eliminate the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary as an excuse to give up.
  3. Be kind: If you follow the Golden Rule and truly understand how to treat others, it will help boost your interactions with others.
  4. Start with baby steps: Set a small goal and achieve it. We aren’t suggesting that you climb a mountain tomorrow, but maybe start with a small hill – wake up a few minutes earlier, write down the goals for the day, break a small habit. You would be amazed at how great you will feel after you keep your promises to yourself for a month!
  5. Improve your posture: Generally speaking, your body language and posture reveal a lot about your self-confidence. Standing tall = thinking tall!
  6. Change your focus: Focus on solutions rather than problems. You will find that this, too, will change your outlook. It goes right along with not saying “I can’t”. Find out how you “can”.
  7. Become knowledgeable: Once you decide what your goal is, empower yourself with information about how others accomplished their mission. Use the internet, use the library. Find out about all the tools out there to help you succeed.
  8. Do something you have put off doing: If you have been procrastinating and putting off completing something, get up one morning determined to get it done! Your self of accomplishment will provide great reward to how you feel about yourself.
  9. Volunteer: Soon the holiday season will be here. What better way to feel good about yourself than to give your time to a good cause? Volunteering in the community is always a wonderful way to help others while boosting your own self-confidence. Maybe you are shy, or maybe you just don’t think you can accomplish something. See the smile on a child’s face or welcome the joyful appreciation of the elderly when you help them out and make THEM feel important.
  10. Finally, don’t give up: Remember – YOU CAN! And even if there is a little setback along the way, don’t let it keep you from continuing to try. The great American poet of the last century, e.e. cummings, once wrote: “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

Now, go give it a try! You will feel so much better if you do!!