Ah, Halloween – the one day each year that allows children to indulge in sugary fantasy while their parents then try to keep the daily intake of Trick or Treating rewards to a manageable level. One of the results of too much sugar consumption is “Monster Mouth”, where sugars turn into bacteria that cause dental decay and bad breath!  While we at TUNG Brush and Gel know that it isn’t possible to deny our little princesses, superheroes, and monsters some candy, we thought we would provide our readers with a few very easy but much healthier ideas that will provide your kids (and you) with some sweet, non-candy snacks.

  1. Popcorn Witch Hands: Place one candy corn (or a raisin or almond) into each fingertip of a non-latex plastic glove to resemble a fingernail, then fill the rest of the glove with light popcorn. Tie off at the wrist, and, if you want to make it even more special, decorate one finger with a plastic spider ring.
  2. Cheese Pumpkins: Form a ball out of soft cheese, then draw pumpkin lines on it with a toothpick. Insert a small pretzel at the top to make the stem and enjoy! You can also do this with a larger cheeseball and serve with your favorite crackers.
  3. Cookie Cutter Sandwiches: Use your Halloween cookie cutters to make any sandwich more fun – the cat or witch’s hat shapes will turn the simplest PB&J sandwich into a spooky snack!
  4. Caterpillar Grape Kebobs: Who doesn’t like grapes as a snack? Use a wooden skewer to make a long kebob out of your favorite seedless grapes, then place two little dabs of cream cheese with centered raisins (or mini-chocolate chip) to make the caterpillar’s eyes on the first grape. These little crawlers will delight everyone.
  5. Edible Eyeballs: Imagine a plate with eyeballs staring at you! Slice carrots, then place a dab of cream cheese and a sliced black olive on top to create this spooky snack.

Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to healthy snakes – we mean, snacks. 😉  So let your imagination run wild and keep that nasty Monster Mouth at bay!  Happy Halloween!!!

And thanks, Listotic, for these healthy snack ideas!