Sometimes, as you know, we at TUNG Brush and Gel just have to get serious, and this is a serious topic. We all know that obesity, which is on the rise, is unhealthy. It can cause or contribute to the development of countless health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems and more. Not to mention the social or psychological problems it can cause, such as self-esteem issues and the propensity to be bullied.

But aside from all of that, studies have shown that obesity is also tied to bad breath.

  1. Diet: Since many who suffer from obesity have poor diets, the same lack of nutrition and balance that causes bad breath is prevalent among the overweight. Too much sugar in both food and beverages, lack of fresh vegetables and fruit etc. are part of the over-eater’s regime. Studies have shown that the consumption of sugary sodas, for example, is a common factor.
  1. Gas: No, not figuratively, but literally.😊 In a study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers found the presence of organisms called archaea, which are older than bacteria and live in the gut, was linked with weight gain and conveniently released small amounts of methane gas. Hence, the study concludes, that the methane gas can be smelled in the breath of the obese.
  1. Disease: The very diseases we mentioned can cause bad breath. Since it is harder for the obese to breathe, for example, many become mouth breathers which, as we know causes dry mouth and….yes, bad breath. Diabetes, so prevalent among the overweight, also causes halitosis. 
  1. Poor Oral Hygeine: Since the teeth and gums suffer from both poor diet and disease, those who are significantly overweight have more of a chance to develop bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue. Additionally, a study published in the British Dental Journal in 2009 indicated further difficulties for the obese when it comes to good dental care: challenges in locating problems due to extra fatty tissue in the mouth, difficulties with sedation dentistry, and problems fitting into standard dental chairs, among others.

We want all of our readers to be healthy and aware. While there is nothing we can do about the growing rate of obesity in our country, it is important for us to highlight some of the additional concerns that go hand-in-hand with it.

And, also, to point out that there ARE things that can help, such as proper oral hygiene (including brushing your tongue) and the addition of water to the diet to aid in hydration. Just those two steps will help reduce bad breath – whether you need to shed some extra weight or not!