You never thought the summer would be over and the kids would be returning to school…but here we are! School is about to begin, and you may be faced with a bunch of pouty faces and whiny voices at the idea of getting back on that school bus. We thought we would share some tips to help melt away the frowns and get the kids back in the swing…and the mood!

How to Prepare Your Child for Back to School

  1. Talk to your kids! Discuss how exciting the coming year will be, how much they will learn, all the new friends they will make and the old friends they will see again!
  2. If there Is a “back to school night”, attend! Let your kids see where their new classrooms are going to be, let them meet their teachers and get the overall “lay of the land” – it will make that first day way less stressful.
  3. Involve your kids in back to school shopping! Once you receive the dreaded supply list, let your kids help pick folder colors, backpacks, lunch boxes etc. They will be more excited about using the new supplies if you let them help shop for them.
  4. Start a routine before school starts! Let your kids get used to turning off the TV or video games and getting to bed at a reasonable time. And get them up early, too, so they get used to the dreaded morning wake-up call as well.
  5. Start the reading routine! Maybe your kids had summer reading, but if they didn’t, the odds are they hardly picked up a book at all over the summer. Take them to the library and let them pick a book to read before school starts.
  6. Organize a school zone! Let the kids know where they should drop their backpacks when they get home, where they should put their keys, etc.
  7. Set up a calendar! Get the whole household organized by setting up a centrally located calendar. That way, you won’t make Johnny’s dental appointment when Janie has a soccer game!
  8. Start with fresh hygiene supplies, too! Get each of the kids a new toothbrush, TUNG Brush & Gel, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo and fun washcloth. That way, they will be reminded how important their daily hygiene is and they will brush, clean their tongue, wash their hair and scrub their little faces every day!

We know this can be a stressful time for everyone, but following these few simple tips should help ease the pain of that first day of school.

From all of us to all the kids out there – HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR! MAKE IT YOUR BEST EVER, WE ARE PROUD OF ALL OF YOU AND WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 😊 And to mom and dad, enjoy that extra cup of coffee once the kiddos are on the bus! 😉